Thanks for being so professional in every aspect of the repair work that you did on my home. My house is over 20 years old, so I have had a lot of projects done. Tim the Tool Man was the first one to do everything exactly as I expected: He did not get lost trying to find my house, both he and his crew showed up on time, and they clearly understood what needed to be done and how to do it. All work was accomplished in the projected time frame. There were no surprises, and the project turned out great. Thanks again Tim. It feels good knowing that I have a professional like you to turn to when I need to.

Steven Hofmann AXXIS Advertising & Cloud 9 Design

Tim of Tim the Tool Man has completed work for me on both my commercial buildings and personal investments. With Tim you never have to worry about the results; he produces consistent quality work. I find Tim to be a conscientious, motivated and ethical businessman. I never hesitate to recommend his handyman services to my family, friends, or real estate agents.

Duane Fouts, 2009 President – ARMLS, 2009 Vice President – AAR

I have referred Tim to my buyers and sellers, and some family members, for the past few years. Occasionally I would follow up with some of the referrals for some feedback about his services. Everyone I contacted was very pleased with his quality workmanship and reasonable prices.

Bill Hobaica, REALTOR, Homesmart

A good handyman is hard to find handyman is almost impossible. I said "almost" because I’ve found one. Tim is that one in a million tradesman who takes the time to understand what his client wants and then cares enough to do all the repairs right the first time, plus a little bit more. That means he adds things like courtesy, neatness and showing up on time. It doesn’t get much better than that, and that’s way he has been my handyman for 5 years now.

Snow Cherry, Homeowner, Realtor

Tim always does excellent work on our home, and the ease of being able to receive estimates and schedule work online means added convenience and flexibility, which helps when you have a busy lifestyle. We are always impressed by Tim’s many skills and craftsmanship. Every job he has done for us, big or small, has come out perfectly. My wife was especially pleased with how clean and organized Tim is all the time…right down to his shoe covers.

Carl Lundblad, Homeowner

Tim provided us with a simple but extensive report that showed us how we should go about making efficiency changes… and it did NOT say I needed to spend thousands on new windows! We paid the extra money for the personal consultation, and it was well worth it. His suggestions were detailed, understandable, and full of helpful information.  I was thinking about calling a “cheaper” company but heard from my neighbor that their “detailed audit” was really only an infrared camera scan and she didn’t feel like they really investigated as Tim did.  Their comments were things she already KNEW she needed.  I wanted a report with priorities that I could count on, so I called Tim whom we have used as our handyman in the past and knew we could trust to be diligent.  I guess you can have a “good” audit or a “cheap” audit, but not both if you really want to get results.  

Chris Sparrow, Arcadia Homeowner

Tim found several gas leaks inside our furnace and at our gas meter.  Just by having those corrected immediately we have saved $35 a month on our gas bill.  Not to mention that he probably saved our home from catching fire.  Just getting that information was worth the whole experience.  My wife and I were pleased to see that Tim was so concerned about our family’s safety.  Tim also helped us locate a weatherization grant that we are applying for.  If you are thinking about doing an energy audit, we would definitely recommend using Tim!!! 

Al & Mary Rodriquez, Homeowners

I can't believe we waited to have this doneNow we know why my office is always hotter than the rest of the house. And, who knew that our daughter’s asthma was being irritated by all the air leaks in our home? We have a newer house and had no idea our home was leaking so much air.  We were unaware of what was involved in an energy audit, and your report and personal consultation helped explain everything. We were really impressed with the report, which told us the areas where we need to take action. Almost immediately after we sealed our can lights, our daughter's asthma improved dramatically.  Tim never pressured us to use any particular contractors; but he did explained how to interview all of them to make sure that they would take the proper precautions so that my daughter’s asthma wouldn’t be irritated further. We already have recommended Tim to several of our neighbors. Again, EXCELLENT JOB!

Mike & Michele Collins, Homeowners