Frequently Asked Questions

Whom can we help?

How much do you charge?
What about parts, supplies or other material?
How accurate are your estimates?
Can you bill us?
What methods of payment do you accept?

Who Can We Help?

Residential Homeowners call us to address their ever-growing list of home maintenance projects.

Income Property Owners call us to refurbish condos and houses before tenants move in and to repair and maintain their properties.

Real Estate Agents refer us to buyers and sellers to address the Repair List provided after a home inspection.

Homeowner Associations call us to address improvement projects for all their units.

Property Developers call us to complete finish work to their new communities.

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Rate and Charges

Like most other professional trades, Half-Day and Full-Day rates are available and can offer considerable savings over hourly rates. We understand that your time is valuable and that the more items we can accomplish in one visit, the greater overall value we bring to you. You can stop the technicians at any time, and billing will be rounded to the nearest half-hour.

I would like to get a FREE ESTIMATE.

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Parts, Supplies & Materials

We arrive with all the needed tools and a big truck stocked with commonly needed supplies. For job- specific materials, Tim can advise you in determining the most cost-effective way to acquire materials, or arrangements can be made for us to get them. Planning is important to ensure that the job can be done properly and ON TIME!!

Contact us for help with planning your repairs or improvement.

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We understand that some customers require advance estimates based on the scope of work involved or simply for price comparison purposes. You may contact Tim the Tool Man by email at to request an estimate. Please send photos when possible, and a description of the work you would like done. We will review your request and respond by e-mail or telephone as soon as possible to accommodate you. Tim may be able to offer you a “not to exceed” estimate, and these will usually be based on Half-Day or Full-Day discounted rates. It is always best to “collect” various tasks to take advantage of these discounted rates. If necessary, Tim can arrange a visit to discuss larger scale jobs.

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We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards at the time the work is completed. Special arrangements are availablebut must be agreed to before the commencement of any scheduled job.

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